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The Kwiksites Instant WebBuilder was created for small businesspeople and individuals as a way to create an instant online presence without third party ads, complicated DNS updates, obscure domain names, or lack of customer support.

Go beyond the “Under Construction” page

For the same price as a package of business cards you can create your own website, have your own domain name and have 5 email addresses to launch your Internet business or identity. Using the Kwiksites website builder is far superior to a standard “Under Construction” page, or to having no information published at all.

Free Trial - Sign up for a free trial to view the available templates and see how easy inserting your web site content will be!

The Kwiksites Online WebBuilder Includes:

Template Designs

Don’t get overwhelmed by hundreds of templates

-Easily select the template that works best for you or choose a different template in the future

24/7 Content Management

No waiting for the programmer or additional fees to update your site. You control when and where your site is updated.

-This Microsoft Word-like environment is easily adaptable. Simply copy and paste your existing promotional material into the management system

Web Statistics

-Insert in your Google Analytics or web statistics tracking code on the site to track your visitors.


-Choose a great domain name, use keyword-rich and relevant content, and then submit your published site to the Search engines to get you started.

Contact Us Submission Form

Bonus – don’t give spammers your brand new email address. Control online inquiries with our email submission form.

$30 value FOR FREE!

Upload your photos

Don't be constrained by having to use stock photos.

-Upload your own logo and supporting photos to the server to build your own web site

Hosting Package Included

5 email accounts (POP3 and webmail) and hosting are included

- We won’t send you a confusing instructional email to activate your DNS, MX, A and CNAME records. It will all be done for you.

Domain Name Included

We will register your new domain name for you.

-You will be the owner of the domain name and you will have all access to manage and maintain that domain.

Kwiksites Online Guide

24/7 access to the Step-by-Step guide to setting up your Kwiksites.

Low Cost/Great Value


Learn web design skills

Populate your Kwiksites easy website builder with your existing promotional material, descriptions of your products and services and information about your company. Then upload your logo and other supporting images to your website and begin to learn, first-hand, the basics about web design. This information will be valuable when you are ready to collaborate with a web designer for the creation of your custom website.

Low Cost/Great Value- Jump start your new business with a Kwiksites site, and have an online presence today. Should you outgrow this product, we also do custom web design, and application development.

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